Monday, March 24, 2008

NHD City-Wide

During the city-wide competition we ranked 2nd place in the performance catergory. The competition was held at the National Constution Center. We went up against like 5 or 6 other groups. Even though we didn't get first place we still was happy because we still made it to state-wide competition and the group that won first was from our school.

Wednesday, February 27, 2008


This year for NHD I did fashion in the 1920s. We choose to express our project with a performance. Being though this was my first year doing NHD I didn't know anything about it. This was my first time even hearing about NHD. I thought that it would be harder than what it really was. Nothing was really hard it was just that we had to gather a lot of research to support our topic. Another thing that was hard was that we had to remember the lines. But time and practice help a lot in that case. Furthermore, I think that we worked very hard on the script and project in general. In addition to working hard all the hard work paid off. My group was elected to move on to the next level ‘City-Wide’.